Episode 5: Lets Eat! With The Currywurst Truck

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Currywurst Truck FoodTruckie LA

One of the best reasons we love Los Angeles is the variety of gourmet food trucks available to satisfy the pickiest of palates and the specialty foods connoisseurs. Because food is the spice of life, we’ve found the Currywurst Truck to be a blessing to us foodies! The currywurst truck specializes in authentic, fun German food. Even the tooth pick is German! Nikki D Lovely chats with Steve Cullinane, co-owner of the Currywurst Truck of Orange County on what makes their truck so unique! Scroll on down to the video and enjoy!

NL: Hi! We are here with Steve Cullinane who is one of the co-founders of the Currywurst Truck. Can you tell us a little about your truck and how you got started?

SC: Well we began this business from a gentleman who came from Germany and had an idea for currywurst, which is the number 1 snack in Germany, and it’s a slightly grilled bratwurst and it’s cut up and it’s got a little bit of a ketchup, a little bit of a brown sugar, sweetened curry sauce, and they walk the streets and eat that!

NL: So can you tell us a little about the menu, what you guys serve… what would you say is the best? We can start with what you guys serve. 

SC: Well what we serve is 100% German authentic foods and they derive from about six different kinds of handmade sausages. We put them in either a roll, or we make it into a panini grilled cheese sandwich, or a plate, and also have loaded fries with nice meats on them or our curry cheese sauce.

NL: I know this is going to be a little hard for you, but what would you say is the best dish… or the “wurst”…

SC: W. U. R. S. T!

NL: (Laughs) 

SC: As we say, ‘Get your wurst on!’ Ummm… it would have to be our Munich plate which consists of a nice brat sauce and some french fries and some beautiful, wonderful sauerkraut!

NL: What do we have here today?

SC: It’s the original curry wurst. We add a little more curry on the top. It absorbs into that beautiful sauce.

NL: That looks so good! I don’t think I am ready… okay I am ready! Here we go… oh my gosh it looks so good. And it smells like… what’s in that? Basil?

SC: A little bit of ketchup, a little bit of brown sugar, a little bit of soy.

NL: Mmmm that’s good! I can taste the ketchup. And the curry sauce is really good too! So what is this that you just put in? 

SC: Basically a German pick. It’s got the two prongs, versus an American little toothpick. Also the original little food boats that we serve it in. Basically what they walk around in Germany and eat this hand held snack. It’s a favorite.

NL: So now tell me about this!

SC: Well this is my favorite and one of our fan favorites. It’s our Oktoberfest Grilled Cheese on the menu here on the Currywurst Truck of Orange County. We use a nice marble rye bread, and we cut up the bratwurst, we put a little sauerkraut, and a tasty and a little sweet mustard sauce.

NL: Oh my gosh… my mouth is salivating just looking at this! Guys… like do you see this?! This looks so good! Alright…  the sausage was good… but this is my favorite! And I am not a fan of grilled cheese, but it has the sausage and the sauerkraut, this is really good guys. Really good!

NL: So we already know this food is delicious! Can you tell us where can we find you?

SC: You can find us at Facebook, and it’s currywurstOC, and you can find us on Twitter and Instagram at currwursttruckoc.

NL: That’s currywursttruckoc. We got it. Thank you very much! 




Contact the Currywurst Truck of Orange County and Los Angeles: 

Instagram: @CurrywurstTruckOC / @CurrywurstTruck

Facebook: CurrywurstOC / CurrywurstTruck

Twitter: @CurrywurstOC / @CurrywurstTruck

Pho King Awesome truck debuts new art

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The Pho King Awesome food truck has just added a new piece to their rolling canvas: a Dragon Ball Z-inspired dinosaur that looks Pho King amazing (I mean, could we have expected anything less from them?)! While the family business was just starting out, Chanda, Jason and Jam could have gotten a wrap but decided instead to make it truly their own. If you’ve ever seen this truck roll into an event, you get the sense that the party is just about to start! It makes a statement. And if you haven’t seen it, you will!

Chanda tells us, “The Art was all drawn by Jam! Growing up he was always into graffiti art so now we wanted to showcase his talents on our truck. All the drawings are Asian inspired! We have an oni to help ward off negative spirits and energy. We have the waves and sunset for Long Beach and the newest one is a Dragon Ball Z inspired dinosaur. All are representations of Jam’s personality.”

Jam’s personality is pretty dope to us.

Enjoy, and follow Jam on Instagram to see more of his work @Jelly_Legs_Jam


Pho King Awesome FoodTruckie LA

Pho King Awesome FoodTruckie LA

Pho King Awesome FoodTruckie LA

Pho King Awesome FoodTruckie LA

Pho King Awesome FoodTruckie LA

Episode 4: Lets Eat! With Main Squeeze Lemonade

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FoodTruckie LA Main Squeeze Lemonade

The Main Squeeze Lemonade truck is the best place to find the freshest and the healthiest lemonade in Los Angeles! Ann-Marie Sepe chats with owner Carl Silva on how he got started as a kid entrepreneur, what makes their lemonade unique, and oh… vodka! Enjoy the video below!

AS: Alright so we are here with…

CS: Carl

AS: Carl at the Main Squeeze Lemonade truck and Carl can you tell us how you got started with your food truck business?

CS: Basically just try and figure out who we were, was the first thing, what we wanted to provide to our customers, just fresh squeeze lemonade made with real fruit. Just something that we couldn’t find anywhere in LA… not even at places like Lemonade… hopefully I don’t get sued…

AS: (Laughs)

CS: … that don’t have just like real lemonade. We wanted to provide that and then it was just finding out, ‘What do we have to do?’ ‘What are the permits like?’ ‘What are the licenses like?’ ‘What are the requirements?’ and ‘How much is it going to cost us really to do this?’, and ‘What can we sell it for?’, and ‘Is there going to be a good enough profit margin to actually go into this type of business?’ and that was really how we got started… was just really answering all of those questions and then once we had yes’ and pluses in those categories, it became obvious to us that it would be something that was feasible.

AS: Did you own a lemonade stand as a kid?

CS: I did not. It was kind of a girlie thing in the early nineties to do something like that… but I did used to sell my toys out of a little box at school and kids who had the same toys and were selling them, I would make sure to sell them 5 cents cheaper, and that kind of has become our business model… is selling what people want for a lower price than they would expect for the quality.

AS: So what would you say is the most popular item on your menu is it the lemonade or…?

CS: Absolutely the lemonade. The passion fruit flavor made from real passion fruit, and the rose that still has rose petals in it, our two most popular lemonades. But the Arnold Palmer is really giving them a run for their money. It’s just fresh made lemon juice Arnold Palmers and it’s just the freshest Arnold Palmer you can get, and you just add peach flavor or passion fruit flavor and it just becomes an Arnold Palmer you’ve never had before, fresher than you’ve ever had before.

AS: Have you ever added any vodka to any of these? (Laughs)

CS: I absolutely have and you know before opening this truck I thought there was no purpose in the world for a flavored vodka, all these weird flavors that these companies are coming out with, and all of a sudden I realized that lemonade is what it’s made for. Lemonade is the only reason why flavored vodkas have been brought into this world. On Saturday nights at Street Food Cinema and Eat See Hear, people come up to the truck asking for lemonades with extra ice, or a little bit left off the top so that they can fill it up with a little vodka, you know, it works perfect.

AS: What are you going to whip up for me today? 

CS: Anything you want!

AS: I am ready for my fresh squeezed lemonade. Why don’t you surprise me?

AS: Alright so I am about to try my fresh squeezed drink here. So what flavor did you make me?

CS: (Inaudible)

AS: Ooh passion! I love that. I’m going to try it right now… Oh that’s really good. It’s really sweet, it’s really fresh, and fruity, and awesome! We’re at the Main Squeeze Lemonade truck and I’m Ann-Marie. This is Carl… and this is awesome! 





Contact the Main Squeeze Lemonade Truck:

Instagram: MainSqueezeLemonade

Twitter @MainSqueezeLA



Main Squeeze LA

FoodTruckie LA X Escape Obstacle Run

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Vantage Points

We are excited to announce our new affiliation with the Escape Obstacle Run, happening this Saturday in Chino, CA! After the obstacle course, festivities feature 10 DJs (yes, 10!) and 30 food trucks to feed your senses. Party, and eat, like no one is watching because you deserved it!! All participants will receive an event bib, event shirt, finishers medal, a backpack and free picture downloads AND be entered into several drawings for prizes! Registration is $79 online and $100 on the day of event. Click here to register. HOWEVER if you feel like skipping the obstacle course and heading straight to the party to burn all your calories there, entrance is just 5 DOLLARS at the door. The party is family friendly, so bring them out, bust out the lawn chair, and enjoy some great music and food trucks!

We will be out there filming our next video and to live update on all our social media accounts. If you can’t make it, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @FoodTruckieLA!


Granada Hills Grubfest: The Story

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Granada Grubfest heading

Granada Hills Grubfest is one of our most favorite food truck festivals, featuring over 40 gourmet food trucks, music, and family fun every Friday evening. It is also the largest ongoing food truck event in the world! Although it is clearly an awesome event, not everyone was too thrilled when it first started over 6 years ago. Surrounding merchants were upset that trucks were blocking their businesses, that trash was left behind at the end of the night, and that competition to local restaurants would increase.

One woman, named Mary Turner, is responsible for the amazing Granada Hills Grubfest you see today. She and her husband were faced with extreme financial difficulties so they went to the Granada Hills Chamber of Commerce and asked if anyone was cleaning up after the Grubfest. They offered her the job, because it was one of the major issues facing them at the time. That night she made $110 and was able to afford groceries, gas, and some bills. Clearly, she was ecstatic at the opportunity to make a living and to serve her community as well. Residents and businesses quickly took notice of how clean the sidewalks were, and eventually she saw more things that needed to be improved on.

Mary’s passion, hard work and dedication has made her the official promoter of the Granada Hills Grubfest. Merchants now see that the festival actually improves business, and that the side walks are cleaner than ever! Mary’s doing awesome, both businesses and food trucks are happy, and foodies have a place to hang out with their loved ones (including the furry ones), enjoy music, and of course, grub!!


Visit the Granada Hills Grubfest:



The 1800 block of Chatsworth St. in Granada Hills, 91344


Mary’s Story:


Documentary on the Granada Hills Grubfest’s early issues

Episode 3: Lets Eat! The Wings N Waffles Truck!

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What do celebrities such as Marlon Wayans, Reggie Miller, Next Top Model Eva Marcel, Nick Young (Swaggy P), Marcedes Lewis and Diddy all have in common? They ALL love the Wings N Waffles truck! Ann-Marie Sepe chats with owner Jontae Vinson about how the popular truck got started. Lets Eat!


AS: Hey we are here with Jontae with the Wings N Waffles truck. So John what got you started with the Wings N Waffles Truck?

JV: Actually my college basketball coach. He had a bunch of food trucks that he used to deal with so I would help him out on the weekends, and then when I got done playing basketball I thought, “Hey I want my own truck!” so I came up with the whole Wings N Waffles concept and took the city by storm!

AS: So what is the most popular item on your menu?

JV: Definitely our original plate. Our number 1. It’s three wings and a waffle, and our second top rated menu item is definitely our chicken waffle sandwich.

AS: And I see that Sean Diddy Combs was here! What did he get when he ordered his food?

JV: I did his super bowl party so he ordered a bucket of wings and like thirty waffles. They just kept coming back to the truck. Great guy. Awesome guy. Great tipper! (Laughs)

AS: So what are you going to cook up for us today? 

JV: I’m going to do the special. The number one. That’s three wings and waffle and our secret butter. The secret butter. You gotta try it.

AS: Alright. I am ready to try this deliciousness. Here we go. 

JV: Oh yeah oh yeah.

AS: Yumm so good. Is this that butter? Yeah this is pretty awesome. I’m just going to keep eating it!

AS: So how can we find you? 

JV: We got Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @WingsNWaffles. One word. WingsNWaffles.




Contact the Wings N Waffles Truck: 


Instagram: @WingsNWaffles

Twitter @WingsNWaffles


(818) 738 – 0469



There’s a new animated series about food trucks!

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CHOW-FUHN is a new animated series about the highly competitive food truck industry. It’s created by Gabby DeFrancesco, the director of the Simpsons and Family Guy so you know it’s going to be nothing short of entertaining! The series follows Colonel Chow, food truck owner of the Colonel Chow (voiced by comedian Bobby Lee) and Gerhard Fuhn who is the food truck owner of the Wienie Genie (voiced by Jon Lovitz) and the two were once a team until they had a falling out. Gerhard “has now devoted his life to driving the Colonel out of business.” Oh, and Margaret Cho voices the Colonel’s daughter, Mimi Chow!

We are so excited to see this, but they need our help. They’ve started a Kickstarter campaign to get this show on the road. Click on the Kickstarter video below to learn more!



Episode 2: The Pho King Awesome Food Truck!

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Attention LA foodies: There is PHO on wheels, and they’re named Pho King Awesome! We knew we wanted to feature them for episode 2 of Lets Eat! because their pho is badass, their tacos are delicious, and their entire menu (consisting of the OG fried rice, spamusushi and more) is nothing you’ve ever had before. Not only that, but they’re a perfect example of the hardwork and love that goes into some of LA’s best food trucks. FoodTruckie LA’s Ann-Marie Sepe chats with Jason, Chanda, and Jam to hear what makes the Long Beach based family business so Pho King Awesome. 

AS: We are at the Pho King Awesome food truck. I love that name… and we are here with…

J: Jason

C: Chanda

JM: Jamie

AS: Awesome… so guys, what would you say is your most popular dish at the Pho-King Awesome food truck?

J: I would say our most popular dish of course is our Pho King Noodle. I mean, it’s what we’re named after so we do like an ox tail based broth, we do beef brisket, beef meatballs… it’s a great pho. 

AS: So can you give us a little history about your food truck, where you guys came from, what got you into the food truck world?

J: You know actually, she’s the one who got us into the truck. I mean all of this, them, they’re the chefs, they’re the cooks, all of us our stuff is really just like Asian soul food. We came from corporate backgrounds, worked for companies, and decided you know what, we want to hit the streets, we want to do something for ourselves, we want to represent the community that we come from and grew up in, and that’s kind of where our food truck came from. 

AS: Very cool. And I see you guys have some artwork behind us. Can you tell us a little bit about the art?

J: I believe that’ll be Jam.

JM: Yeah so they were like ‘oh, put something in the back’ and I was like ‘okay… I’ll put the lotus’ because that’s one of my favorite flowers.

C: Jam’s been doing graffiti art for a very long time since middle school till high school. That’s the reason why we wanted him to you know, do a little piece, side piece and a couple of pieces all over our truck and that’s why we did it, and it also represents where we’re from which is Long Beach. 

AS: What are you guys going to cook up for us today?

J: I guess we’re going to do the pho and we’re actually introducing the new taco that we’re doing called the Rocky Tocky Taco. It’s just like a seasoned chicken, we’re doing like a spicy pineapple, like a sweet and sour, so we’re going to get that mixed up for you guys and you guys have to try it out!

AS: What do we have here?

J: Alright so we have here our Pho King Awesome Noodle which is an oxtail based soup, it comes with beef brisket, beef meatballs, of course the noodles, we put bean sprouts, red onions, basil, cilantro, lime, and you can add hot sauce, or whatever you like to it, but most of the time people like it as is. We’re introducing our new Rocky Tocky Tacos, it’s a fried chicken, it’s kind of like a breaded popcorn chicken, we made like a pineapple like a cilantro kind of thing, so it’s a little sweet, a little bit spicy so it has cherry tomatoes, pineapple and a little bit of a slaw in it. 

AS: That sounds pho-king amazing!!! (laughs) Alright I’m going to do it. 

J: You gotta try the soup. It’s half the battle. 

AS: Okay. This is so good. (swoons)

J: (Laughs) Yeah different right? This is the taco. 

AS: (Laughs) I’m trying to do this with one hand. Okay. You ready?

J: Yes!

AS: That is so good! That is so amazing. 

J: Hidden gem.

AS: DELICIOUS! Oh my god. So good. So so so good. You guys gotta try this food truck. It’s amazing. You want to try this food truck you can find them…

J: On our Instagram it’s phokingawesome562, our Twitter phokingawesome2, and then our Facebook phokingawesomeLBC you guys. 

AS: Yeah! Thank you! 


Contact the Pho King Awesome food truck:



Instagram: @phokingawesome562




FoodTruckie LA