Gabby Galvan of the LA-Cake Truck Starts a Donut Ice Cream Truck. #youheardright

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Hey everyone! The last time we heard from Gabby Galvan, she was just starting her LA Cake truck serving delicious, wholesome cupcakes while finding her place in the Los Angeles food truck scene. When I found out a few weeks ago that she was opening up a second dessert truck, I had to learn more! Turns out she has blessed us with something we’ve never had before: Donuts. With ice cream. Yes!!



Sheila: Okay. So… my gosh. A donut ice cream truck! This already sounds so amazing. What can food aficionados expect when we visit LA Donut?

Gabby: You can expect fresh, traditional donuts. The ice cream – we’re taking it back to the good old Thrifty days! All of the flavors are Thrifty brand flavors. If the donuts and ice cream aren’t enough to get you excited there are also toppings to choose from. Candied bacon, Oreo, Reese’s and crunchy coconut. Finally you can choose what drizzle you want. There’s going to be dulce de leche, caramel, and chocolate to top it all off! We will also have one vegan donut option as well as vanilla vegan ice cream. That’s as healthy as I’m going, because I believe dessert should not be compromised! As any of my Instagram followers can attest, I’m very health conscious, I work out regularly, eat healthy but I never ever skimp on a good dessert!

Sheila: My mouth is watering already! A donut ice cream truck. This is so unique. What inspired you to do it?

Gabby: I’ve always loved donuts and ice cream and I also knew that I wanted a second truck, and just like that it all came together. I had a strong desire to start this second truck first, and then concept came second! I was swimming laps when I decided that this was it! It took about 10-15 min to come up with the concept and I knew that this was exactly what needed to happen!

Sheila: You’re a small business on wheels. Two now actually haha. I admire that you are not afraid to share with your fans on Instagram your struggles as a business owner. You’ve had several truck break downs now, nights where you don’t make as much money expected, and yet you can share that with everyone and have such a great sense of humor about it all! What’s been the biggest struggle you’ve had while started this second truck? And what’s been the most rewarding?


“My end goal is for everyone that comes to my truck to leave with a happy tummy and a happy heart.”


Gabby: The biggest obstacle is and will always be hiring. I believe that the product sells itself but making a connection with my customers is key. No matter what you’re selling customer service is everything to me. You can only make a first impression once and I want the truck, donuts AND the person that helps customers to be part of that special first experience. My end goal is for everyone that comes to my truck to leave with a happy tummy and a happy heart. Without them, I’m just a girl selling donuts and ice cream. I find that those connections are the most rewarding. I’ve met so many amazing families, kids and what are friends now because of my LA-Cake cupcake truck and my cake business LA-Cake. I can’t wait to make more lifelong friendships with my newest baby LA-Donut. 


We’re home, mechanic tomorrow😑 #struggle #struggleisreal #firstofmany #foodtruckstruggles

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