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Los Angeles, CA-July 11, 2016 New tech startup FoodTruckie LA is launching a mobile app that tracks gourmet food trucks in Los Angeles using live geolocation services. The app is the very first of its kind to accurately show hungry users where food trucks are located in relation to them, along with information on each food truck’s menu, contact information, food photos, and most importantly, driving directions to them.

FoodTruckie LA founder Sheila Pham, a recent graduate of Cal State LA, recognized the frustrating process that both gourmet food trucks and food truck customers face, pointing out that “Food trucks have always had to rely on Twitter to let fans know their location but it’s become a dying method,” she said, “Los Angeles food trucks don’t have time to continuously update their locations and foodies would rather not spend too much time searching on Twitter while they’re hungry during lunch.”

The app will be useful to avid food truck fans and also anyone craving a little variety during lunch time. Pham states, “Any time you’re in need of something new, whether it’s to take a break from food options near the office or you’re walking out of a club in need something to eat, you can simply open the app to see what’s near.”

FoodTruckie LA’s purpose is to provide a one-stop spot that connects food trucks to hungry users. “Food trucks are basically small businesses on wheels,” Pham states, “There are only so many trucks that could park at the popular spots in town so competition is very high. This app solves this by bringing customers to the truck, wherever they are.”

The app will be available in the iTunes store August 15th, 2016.

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