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FoodTruckie LA Pho King Awesome

Photo courtesy of Pho King Awesome

As you all know, we are so excited about the release of FoodTruckie LA beta! All Around Alhambra featured us in their February issue and we thought we’d share it here. Ch ch check it out!

Heard about a great food truck, but don’t know where to find it?  Now there is a mobile app for that! FoodTruckie LA announces the beta launch of their new mobile app that connects food truck fans to food trucks.  The new app for iOS will pinpoint the exact location of gourmet food trucks using real-time data.

Despite the end of the food truck craze, the food truck industry itself has actually been increasing in popularity once again and is set to become a $1 billion industry by year 2020. Sheila Pham, founder and CEO of FoodTruckie LA recognized that the traditional form of communication between trucks and foodies were not working. “Food trucks have traditionally relied on Twitter which is a slowly dying method,” she says, “they simply do not have time to continuously update their locations, and hungry foodies would rather not spend too much time searching on Twitter while their stomachs are growling!”   

With the FoodTruckie LA app, trucks will simply click a button and their exact location will be broadcasted live via a map using geolocation services.  It is easy for them to use while providing accurate information to foodies. Finding a gourmet food truck for lunch just got so much easier!

Pham and her team have already hit the ground running and there is excitement in the air.  Jason Hong, owner of the Pho King Awesome food truck, (one of the more popular gourmet food trucks in Los Angeles) is optimistic about the apps upcoming beta release. He states, “We’ve tried several other apps in the past but all they did was forward or retweet what someone may have already posted. We’re very excited that FoodTruckie LA will allow our current and potential customers to find our exact location on real time!”

A scheduled beta version is set to release February 10th, but don’t expect the business to stop there.  Aside from the app, the FoodTruckie LA team has also created a strong social media presence including a website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel under the same name FoodTruckie LA.   

If you are interested in joining the FoodTruckie LA revolution, sign up to be a beta user at You can also visit their website at 

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