Episode 7: Lets Eat! With Okamoto Kitchen

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Ever tried Japanese street food? Whether yes or no, you NEED to try the Okamoto Kitchen! It is authentic Japanese food with a simple twist. Find out how as Ann-Marie Sepe chats with Okamoto owner Gerald Abraham in the video below. Enjoy!

AS: Hey everyone… I’m Ann-Marie and I’m here with…

GA: Gerald Abraham.

AS: With the…

GA: Okamoto Kitchen food truck.

AS: What inspired you to get involved with the food truck business?

GA: Well originally my wife and I wanted to open a restaurant but it’s pretty cost prohibitive and we decided to just start with a food truck. That’s a better entry point… I mean it’s not completely inexpensive, but it’s definitely less expensive than a restaurant so that’s why!

AS: How did you go with this design of the truck… what inspired you?

GA:  Well I’ve been into anime and video games since I was a little kid so that’s basically where it started. I mean anybody who really knows me would understand pretty quickly that based on my background what sort of stuff I’m interested in and why the truck looks the way it does. You know a lot of people have seen Japanese restaurants and usually most of the times they have a very serious look. It’s black, red, white, with brush strokes… with a crest… and like a script font or whatnot so we wanted to do something more fun and exciting but still keep it Japanese, so we decided to go with more of a youth culture, you know a poppy graphics. The inspiration was Japanese packaging.

AS: I like it… so what would you say are your most popular dishes?

GA: Well I’d say it’s probably a tie between the Katsu Curry sandwich and the Nom Bomb sandwich. Both are really tasty. We went to an event in October called Great American Foodie Fest in Las Vegas and I thought the Nom Bomb was going to win but the Katsu Curry actually pulled up to be the clear winner.

AS: Cool! And can you just explain to our viewers about the Coffee Jelly because that caught my attention and it sounds so delicious and then he described it and it sounded even more yummy so… fill us in on the coffee jelly. It’s pretty awesome. 

GA: Well the Coffee Jelly is a… have you ever had jell-o?

AS: (Nods)

GA: Yeah? Okay so just imagine instead of the sweet flavors you take coffee and you add the gelatin to it. We don’t add any sugar to that but we do have a slight bit of a sugar in the custard, the whip cream, and the caramel on the bottom. So the best way to eat it is to mix it up a little bit or you just dig deep and try to get all of the components together, and that particular dish… actually all of our sweets… they’re balanced so you can actually taste the flavors and it’s not just an overload of sugar. My wife… she’s a pastry chef. She’s worked at some restaurants like Matsuhisa and whatnot so, they’ve got like Asian sweets and European sweets or French sweets. They share like that minimal sugar approach so you’re really getting to taste a lot more than just a sugar overload.

AS: What are you going to whip up for us today to try?

GA: Well it depends on what you want whipped up. I would recommend the Katsu Curry sandwich because I believe that you tried the Nom Bomb earlier yeah?

AS: I did!

GA: Alright… cool so I think this is equally delicious and you’ll probably enjoy it!

AS: Great awesome thank you so much can’t wait!

AS: I’m so excited to try the Katsu Curry sandwich and I’m really hungry and I hear it’s amazing so here we go. 

GA: She’s going in. What do you think?

AS: Oh my god… it’s like crunchy, and it’s kind of tangy, it’s very flavorful and everything kind of blends well together. I love the crispiness and the chewiness of the chicken. It’s such a good combo… and this is the curry right? 

GA: Yeah.

AS: The curry is amazing. 

GA: Yeah so basically just how you… exactly that flavor that you got. That’s what it’s intended to be. So you got the chicken cutlet or pork cutlet if you want and that works really nice with the curry, a little bit of gouda cheese on there, shredded cabbage, brioche bun, and that slight tanginess that you have, those are the pickled onion.

AS: So I am about the try the Coffee Jelly. Am I ready for this jelly?

GA: Uhh I believe so but actually that’s all up to you BUT you got two choices with what you could do with this. You could either mix it up, or… well it’s too late for the other choice but the other choice (laughs) was to dig deep and get all of the components together but it is important to get all of the components together and it’s going to taste way better that way.

AS: Oh my god it’s so good it tastes like an ice cream sundae with jell-o in it. (sings and dances) I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly… 

GA: I don’t even know what to say to that… (laughs)

AS: Coffee Jelly! 

AS: So Gerald how can we find you guys? 

GA: Well we use all of the regular social media apps that everyone else does. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest… it’s Okamoto Kitchen, and if you want to just drop us a line and just ask some questions we’d be happy to answer back.

AS: Great thank you so much! 



Contact the Okamoto Kitchen:

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest: @OkamotoKitchen


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