Episode 6: Lets Eat! With Richeeze Truck

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If you love cheese and homemade comfort food, the Richeeze food truck is a MUST TRY!  The award-winning gourmet cheese melts has melt-in-your-mouth Hawaiian bread, truffle oil and 100% homemade goodness. Check out the video below to see host Nikki D. Lovely chat with Richeeze owner Severin Stone and see why the truck makes fans smile and say Richeeeze!

NL: Hi I am Nikki D and I’m here with Severin Stone of Richeeze food truck here in Westwood..

SS: That’s right!

NL: Alright!! Can you tell us all about how you got started doing this?

SS: Well I think it all started with a love for grilled cheese and I hope you know where I’m coming from. Growing up grilled cheese was always one of my favorite foods and we just saw that there was not enough of it, so we took your traditional grilled cheese and we turned it up!

NL: Okay so how long have you been in business?

SS: We started about a year ago. Did market analysis and just understand the business. We launched the truck roughly six months ago and its been on ever since.

NL: Awesome so business has been good?

SS: Business has been good… we actually won back in August we won the West Coast Bacon Festival People’s Choice Award best bacon dish. I’ll show you guys the trophy later. So we’ve been having accolades on our sandwiches, but you know it’s amazing. We start with homemade bread. We have a little mom and pop bakery that makes bread fresh every morning for us. We make all of our sauces from scratch. We put a lot of love in everything that we do. We don’t cut corners. We make sure that everything has that stamp of approval because you gotta smile and say…

NL: Richeeeeze!!!

SS: Richeeeeze!!!

NL: What would you say is the best dish that you guys serve here on the Richeeze truck?

SS: Wow… the best? They’re all amazing. Okay so I’ll give you two. Our top seller, our award winner, from the West Coast Bacon Festival People’s Choice Award… has probably become our signature dish. That’s the one we call our Bacon Mac. We do that with the homemade bread. They make a sweet Hawaiian bun for us. We do homemade macaroni and cheese in deep apple wood smoked bacon, and the way it comes together… I know a lot of people say, ‘how do you do macaroni and cheese on a sandwich?’ but the way we grill it together and… you’ll have to try it later! We have so many amazing sandwiches… I mean the Lobster Mac is one of my personal favorites. We do that with homemade macaroni and cheese, real lobster, white truffle oil, we grill it on sourdough… again that homemade bread just really takes every sandwich to the next level.

SS: Here on my right we have the award winning Bacon Mac…

NL: Ohh my gosh… it is ooozing!!

SS: All of our bread is homemade… so this is a homemade sweet Hawaiian bun that they make… not your typical brioche bun. It’s very light and airy. We do it with our homemade macaroni and cheese. You see the deep apple wood smoked bacon…

NL: I do…

SS: Oh and it just sends it to the next level!

SS: This is the Lobster Mac. These are the only two sandwiches that we feature macaroni and cheese on… all the rest are gourmet melts. We’re not all mac and cheese… just so you guys are aware!

NL: (Laughs)

SS: Okay so this one is our Lobster Mac. This one we do again with our homemade macaroni and cheese… we do it with real lobster… you see the chunks there… we do a white truffle oil on it that just accents all the flavors. We grill it on the homemade sourdough bread. It just takes it to the next level.

NL: Alright now what is this scrumptious… ticity (laughs).

SS: Alright so we cut into it a little so that you guys can see a little bit of the action there. So these are our Richeeze Mac and Cheese nuggets. What we do is we take our homemade macaroni and cheese, we roll it in egg whites, we make our own bread crust out of the homemade bread that we get. We then bread them, fry them, so that they are crispy on the outside, cheesy and gooey on the inside.

NL: So how do you eat this? Do you just typically pick it up or do you use a fork or what?

SS: Do you have napkins?

NL: Do I have a napkin? I have a napkin… Okay…

NL: Stop it! Stop it! Oh my god… I see why that is an award winner… oh my god…

SS: Okay but you gotta try the Lobster Mac!

NL: Mmmm!! It’s so buttery. It’s like… oh my goodness I can’t even describe it. I just want to eat it… I can’t even tell you how great that is. And that bread is so soft it melts right in your mouth.

SS: That’s what I told you that homemade bread takes every sandwich to the next level!

NL: Last but not least… we have to try… what do we call these?

SS: These are our Mac and Cheese nuggets.

NL: Alright so lets try these. Really?? Is there nothing you guys can’t do great?

NL: Alright so I’m already going to tell you guys that I’ve put my stamp of approval on Richeeze. This is SO great! So great! And you know I do not kid you… woo! And I know my mac and cheese and apparently Richeeze knows their mac and cheese!

SS: It looks like to me she’s smiling and saying, ‘Richeeeeeze!’

NL: (Laughs)

NL: Tell everybody where they can find you!

SS: Yes… you can find us at RicheezeMelts… that’s our handle for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook… Smile and Say Richeeze… you can go to our website which is www.Richeeze.net. You can find us there we post on all our sites and all our social media platforms…. you can find exactly where we’re at everyday.




Contact the Richeeze food truck: 

Instagram/Twitter: @RicheezeMelts

Facebook: Smile and Say Richeeze



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