Episode 5: Lets Eat! With The Currywurst Truck

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One of the best reasons we love Los Angeles is the variety of gourmet food trucks available to satisfy the pickiest of palates and the specialty foods connoisseurs. Because food is the spice of life, we’ve found the Currywurst Truck to be a blessing to us foodies! The currywurst truck specializes in authentic, fun German food. Even the tooth pick is German! Nikki D Lovely chats with Steve Cullinane, co-owner of the Currywurst Truck of Orange County on what makes their truck so unique! Scroll on down to the video and enjoy!

NL: Hi! We are here with Steve Cullinane who is one of the co-founders of the Currywurst Truck. Can you tell us a little about your truck and how you got started?

SC: Well we began this business from a gentleman who came from Germany and had an idea for currywurst, which is the number 1 snack in Germany, and it’s a slightly grilled bratwurst and it’s cut up and it’s got a little bit of a ketchup, a little bit of a brown sugar, sweetened curry sauce, and they walk the streets and eat that!

NL: So can you tell us a little about the menu, what you guys serve… what would you say is the best? We can start with what you guys serve. 

SC: Well what we serve is 100% German authentic foods and they derive from about six different kinds of handmade sausages. We put them in either a roll, or we make it into a panini grilled cheese sandwich, or a plate, and also have loaded fries with nice meats on them or our curry cheese sauce.

NL: I know this is going to be a little hard for you, but what would you say is the best dish… or the “wurst”…

SC: W. U. R. S. T!

NL: (Laughs) 

SC: As we say, ‘Get your wurst on!’ Ummm… it would have to be our Munich plate which consists of a nice brat sauce and some french fries and some beautiful, wonderful sauerkraut!

NL: What do we have here today?

SC: It’s the original curry wurst. We add a little more curry on the top. It absorbs into that beautiful sauce.

NL: That looks so good! I don’t think I am ready… okay I am ready! Here we go… oh my gosh it looks so good. And it smells like… what’s in that? Basil?

SC: A little bit of ketchup, a little bit of brown sugar, a little bit of soy.

NL: Mmmm that’s good! I can taste the ketchup. And the curry sauce is really good too! So what is this that you just put in? 

SC: Basically a German pick. It’s got the two prongs, versus an American little toothpick. Also the original little food boats that we serve it in. Basically what they walk around in Germany and eat this hand held snack. It’s a favorite.

NL: So now tell me about this!

SC: Well this is my favorite and one of our fan favorites. It’s our Oktoberfest Grilled Cheese on the menu here on the Currywurst Truck of Orange County. We use a nice marble rye bread, and we cut up the bratwurst, we put a little sauerkraut, and a tasty and a little sweet mustard sauce.

NL: Oh my gosh… my mouth is salivating just looking at this! Guys… like do you see this?! This looks so good! Alright…  the sausage was good… but this is my favorite! And I am not a fan of grilled cheese, but it has the sausage and the sauerkraut, this is really good guys. Really good!

NL: So we already know this food is delicious! Can you tell us where can we find you?

SC: You can find us at Facebook, and it’s currywurstOC, and you can find us on Twitter and Instagram at currwursttruckoc.

NL: That’s currywursttruckoc. We got it. Thank you very much! 




Contact the Currywurst Truck of Orange County and Los Angeles: 

Instagram: @CurrywurstTruckOC / @CurrywurstTruck

Facebook: CurrywurstOC / CurrywurstTruck

Twitter: @CurrywurstOC / @CurrywurstTruck

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