Gabby Galvan of the LA-Cake Truck Starts a Donut Ice Cream Truck. #youheardright

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Hey everyone! The last time we heard from Gabby Galvan, she was just starting her LA Cake truck serving delicious, wholesome cupcakes while finding her place in the Los Angeles food truck scene. When I found out a few weeks ago that she was opening up a second dessert truck, I had to learn more! Turns out she has blessed us with something we’ve never had before: Donuts. With ice cream. Yes!!



Sheila: Okay. So… my gosh. A donut ice cream truck! This already sounds so amazing. What can food aficionados expect when we visit LA Donut?

Gabby: You can expect fresh, traditional donuts. The ice cream – we’re taking it back to the good old Thrifty days! All of the flavors are Thrifty brand flavors. If the donuts and ice cream aren’t enough to get you excited there are also toppings to choose from. Candied bacon, Oreo, Reese’s and crunchy coconut. Finally you can choose what drizzle you want. There’s going to be dulce de leche, caramel, and chocolate to top it all off! We will also have one vegan donut option as well as vanilla vegan ice cream. That’s as healthy as I’m going, because I believe dessert should not be compromised! As any of my Instagram followers can attest, I’m very health conscious, I work out regularly, eat healthy but I never ever skimp on a good dessert!

Sheila: My mouth is watering already! A donut ice cream truck. This is so unique. What inspired you to do it?

Gabby: I’ve always loved donuts and ice cream and I also knew that I wanted a second truck, and just like that it all came together. I had a strong desire to start this second truck first, and then concept came second! I was swimming laps when I decided that this was it! It took about 10-15 min to come up with the concept and I knew that this was exactly what needed to happen!

Sheila: You’re a small business on wheels. Two now actually haha. I admire that you are not afraid to share with your fans on Instagram your struggles as a business owner. You’ve had several truck break downs now, nights where you don’t make as much money expected, and yet you can share that with everyone and have such a great sense of humor about it all! What’s been the biggest struggle you’ve had while started this second truck? And what’s been the most rewarding?


“My end goal is for everyone that comes to my truck to leave with a happy tummy and a happy heart.”


Gabby: The biggest obstacle is and will always be hiring. I believe that the product sells itself but making a connection with my customers is key. No matter what you’re selling customer service is everything to me. You can only make a first impression once and I want the truck, donuts AND the person that helps customers to be part of that special first experience. My end goal is for everyone that comes to my truck to leave with a happy tummy and a happy heart. Without them, I’m just a girl selling donuts and ice cream. I find that those connections are the most rewarding. I’ve met so many amazing families, kids and what are friends now because of my LA-Cake cupcake truck and my cake business LA-Cake. I can’t wait to make more lifelong friendships with my newest baby LA-Donut. 


We’re home, mechanic tomorrow😑 #struggle #struggleisreal #firstofmany #foodtruckstruggles

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Wise BBQ

Los Angeles, CA-July 11, 2016 New tech startup FoodTruckie LA is launching a mobile app that tracks gourmet food trucks in Los Angeles using live geolocation services. The app is the very first of its kind to accurately show hungry users where food trucks are located in relation to them, along with information on each food truck’s menu, contact information, food photos, and most importantly, driving directions to them.

FoodTruckie LA founder Sheila Pham, a recent graduate of Cal State LA, recognized the frustrating process that both gourmet food trucks and food truck customers face, pointing out that “Food trucks have always had to rely on Twitter to let fans know their location but it’s become a dying method,” she said, “Los Angeles food trucks don’t have time to continuously update their locations and foodies would rather not spend too much time searching on Twitter while they’re hungry during lunch.”

The app will be useful to avid food truck fans and also anyone craving a little variety during lunch time. Pham states, “Any time you’re in need of something new, whether it’s to take a break from food options near the office or you’re walking out of a club in need something to eat, you can simply open the app to see what’s near.”

FoodTruckie LA’s purpose is to provide a one-stop spot that connects food trucks to hungry users. “Food trucks are basically small businesses on wheels,” Pham states, “There are only so many trucks that could park at the popular spots in town so competition is very high. This app solves this by bringing customers to the truck, wherever they are.”

The app will be available in the iTunes store August 15th, 2016.

For more information, visit Interview requests should be sent to or call 323-712-3577.



Exclusive Offer: Join the AKFF VIP Club for $9.99!

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Hey everyone! Abbot Kinney First Fridays and Jag Media has offered FoodTruckie LA Foodies a very exclusive offer to join their VIP Club! If you love hanging out in Venice, this offer is one you don’t want to miss out on. It gives members access to discounts and special deals on restaurants, shops, bars, businesses, and of course, gourmet food trucks!! Regular price is $29.99/yr but they’re giving our members a deal for $9.99 for the year! This offer expires this Friday! Join this Meetup (link below) and email Feel free to leave a comment here if you have any questions!


FoodTruckie LA Foodies

Los Angeles, CA
233 Members

Food truck events are happening each week in LA! If you want to come join the party and meet other food truck foodies join us!! We’ll be spotlighting one truck per event with …

Next Meetup

Exclusive Offer: Join the Abbot Kinney First Fridays VIP Clu…

Friday, Jul 8, 2016, 12:00 AM
1 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →

We’re partnering up with Zema Food Truck for tonight’s Abbot Kinney 1st Fridays

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FoodTruckie LA Zema Food Truck


We are so excited to announce that for our very first Meetup group we are collaborating with Zema Food Truck! This authentic Venezuelan and Latin fusion food truck is known for their delicious and very hearty arepas, a sandwich-like dough made of corn which is typically stuffed with meat, cheese, avocado, etc.

Their site states, “Savory and delicious cuisine. Our best quality gluten free griddle corn pockets called “arepas” are healthy and real food, they are full of Caribbean flavors, tropical veggies and artisan cheese. Our mission is to offer the very best of the real balanced nutrition with the latin vibes fusion food. We studied mix of healthy ingredients such as gluten free corn flour, full of protein beans, meat/chicken sautéed with fresh and caribbean veggies and our signature cheese that are whole artisan crafted.”

Zema Food Truck has offered FoodTruckie LA foodies a FREE appetizer or drink with any purchase!! Join our Meetup group today and RSVP for tonight’s Abbot Kinney First Fridays and meet us there to hang out, have fun, and get this offer from Zema Food Truck!


FoodTruckie LA Zema Food Truck


FoodTruckie LA Zema Food Truck


FoodTruckie LA Zema Food Truck


FoodTruckie LA Zema Food Truck


FoodTruckie LA Zema Food Truck

(All photos belong to Zema Food Truck)


Abbot Kinney 1st Fridays in Venice, CA! Feat. Zema Food Truck #blockparty

Friday, Jun 3, 2016, 7:00 PM

The brig

31 Members Attending

Welcome!! To kick off our very FIRST event, we wanted it to be extra fun and make it at Abbot Kinney 1st Fridays! One of our favorite events in LA, it’s a block party focused on tons of delicious gourmet food trucks. Shops are open late and features happy hour at select restaurants. We are working out a special deal for FoodTruckie LA Foodies so ha…

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Join the FoodTruckie LA Foodies Meetup Group

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Hey everyone!! LA has tons of food truck events happening each week and we wanted to somehow create a club where food truck lovers can join together in a casual environment and discover new foods together, so we created our very own Meetup group! It currently has 175 members and growing.. come and join the party with us!!

First event is happening this Friday at Abbot Kinney 1st Friday’s in Venice! Click the link below to find out more.



Abbot Kinney 1st Fridays in Venice, CA! #BlockParty #FoodTrucks

Friday, Jun 3, 2016, 6:00 PM

The brig

30 Members Attending

Welcome!! To kick off our very FIRST event, we wanted it to be extra fun and make it at Abbot Kinney 1st Fridays! One of our favorite events in LA, it’s a block party focused on tons of delicious gourmet food trucks. Shops are open late and features happy hour at select restaurants. We are working out a special deal for FoodTruckie LA Foodies so ha…

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FoodTruckie LA is featured in the Alhambra paper!

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FoodTruckie LA Pho King Awesome

Photo courtesy of Pho King Awesome

As you all know, we are so excited about the release of FoodTruckie LA beta! All Around Alhambra featured us in their February issue and we thought we’d share it here. Ch ch check it out!

Heard about a great food truck, but don’t know where to find it?  Now there is a mobile app for that! FoodTruckie LA announces the beta launch of their new mobile app that connects food truck fans to food trucks.  The new app for iOS will pinpoint the exact location of gourmet food trucks using real-time data.

Despite the end of the food truck craze, the food truck industry itself has actually been increasing in popularity once again and is set to become a $1 billion industry by year 2020. Sheila Pham, founder and CEO of FoodTruckie LA recognized that the traditional form of communication between trucks and foodies were not working. “Food trucks have traditionally relied on Twitter which is a slowly dying method,” she says, “they simply do not have time to continuously update their locations, and hungry foodies would rather not spend too much time searching on Twitter while their stomachs are growling!”   

With the FoodTruckie LA app, trucks will simply click a button and their exact location will be broadcasted live via a map using geolocation services.  It is easy for them to use while providing accurate information to foodies. Finding a gourmet food truck for lunch just got so much easier!

Pham and her team have already hit the ground running and there is excitement in the air.  Jason Hong, owner of the Pho King Awesome food truck, (one of the more popular gourmet food trucks in Los Angeles) is optimistic about the apps upcoming beta release. He states, “We’ve tried several other apps in the past but all they did was forward or retweet what someone may have already posted. We’re very excited that FoodTruckie LA will allow our current and potential customers to find our exact location on real time!”

A scheduled beta version is set to release February 10th, but don’t expect the business to stop there.  Aside from the app, the FoodTruckie LA team has also created a strong social media presence including a website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel under the same name FoodTruckie LA.   

If you are interested in joining the FoodTruckie LA revolution, sign up to be a beta user at You can also visit their website at 

Episode 7: Lets Eat! With Okamoto Kitchen

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Okamoto Kitchen FoodTruckie LA

Ever tried Japanese street food? Whether yes or no, you NEED to try the Okamoto Kitchen! It is authentic Japanese food with a simple twist. Find out how as Ann-Marie Sepe chats with Okamoto owner Gerald Abraham in the video below. Enjoy!

AS: Hey everyone… I’m Ann-Marie and I’m here with…

GA: Gerald Abraham.

AS: With the…

GA: Okamoto Kitchen food truck.

AS: What inspired you to get involved with the food truck business?

GA: Well originally my wife and I wanted to open a restaurant but it’s pretty cost prohibitive and we decided to just start with a food truck. That’s a better entry point… I mean it’s not completely inexpensive, but it’s definitely less expensive than a restaurant so that’s why!

AS: How did you go with this design of the truck… what inspired you?

GA:  Well I’ve been into anime and video games since I was a little kid so that’s basically where it started. I mean anybody who really knows me would understand pretty quickly that based on my background what sort of stuff I’m interested in and why the truck looks the way it does. You know a lot of people have seen Japanese restaurants and usually most of the times they have a very serious look. It’s black, red, white, with brush strokes… with a crest… and like a script font or whatnot so we wanted to do something more fun and exciting but still keep it Japanese, so we decided to go with more of a youth culture, you know a poppy graphics. The inspiration was Japanese packaging.

AS: I like it… so what would you say are your most popular dishes?

GA: Well I’d say it’s probably a tie between the Katsu Curry sandwich and the Nom Bomb sandwich. Both are really tasty. We went to an event in October called Great American Foodie Fest in Las Vegas and I thought the Nom Bomb was going to win but the Katsu Curry actually pulled up to be the clear winner.

AS: Cool! And can you just explain to our viewers about the Coffee Jelly because that caught my attention and it sounds so delicious and then he described it and it sounded even more yummy so… fill us in on the coffee jelly. It’s pretty awesome. 

GA: Well the Coffee Jelly is a… have you ever had jell-o?

AS: (Nods)

GA: Yeah? Okay so just imagine instead of the sweet flavors you take coffee and you add the gelatin to it. We don’t add any sugar to that but we do have a slight bit of a sugar in the custard, the whip cream, and the caramel on the bottom. So the best way to eat it is to mix it up a little bit or you just dig deep and try to get all of the components together, and that particular dish… actually all of our sweets… they’re balanced so you can actually taste the flavors and it’s not just an overload of sugar. My wife… she’s a pastry chef. She’s worked at some restaurants like Matsuhisa and whatnot so, they’ve got like Asian sweets and European sweets or French sweets. They share like that minimal sugar approach so you’re really getting to taste a lot more than just a sugar overload.

AS: What are you going to whip up for us today to try?

GA: Well it depends on what you want whipped up. I would recommend the Katsu Curry sandwich because I believe that you tried the Nom Bomb earlier yeah?

AS: I did!

GA: Alright… cool so I think this is equally delicious and you’ll probably enjoy it!

AS: Great awesome thank you so much can’t wait!

AS: I’m so excited to try the Katsu Curry sandwich and I’m really hungry and I hear it’s amazing so here we go. 

GA: She’s going in. What do you think?

AS: Oh my god… it’s like crunchy, and it’s kind of tangy, it’s very flavorful and everything kind of blends well together. I love the crispiness and the chewiness of the chicken. It’s such a good combo… and this is the curry right? 

GA: Yeah.

AS: The curry is amazing. 

GA: Yeah so basically just how you… exactly that flavor that you got. That’s what it’s intended to be. So you got the chicken cutlet or pork cutlet if you want and that works really nice with the curry, a little bit of gouda cheese on there, shredded cabbage, brioche bun, and that slight tanginess that you have, those are the pickled onion.

AS: So I am about the try the Coffee Jelly. Am I ready for this jelly?

GA: Uhh I believe so but actually that’s all up to you BUT you got two choices with what you could do with this. You could either mix it up, or… well it’s too late for the other choice but the other choice (laughs) was to dig deep and get all of the components together but it is important to get all of the components together and it’s going to taste way better that way.

AS: Oh my god it’s so good it tastes like an ice cream sundae with jell-o in it. (sings and dances) I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly… 

GA: I don’t even know what to say to that… (laughs)

AS: Coffee Jelly! 

AS: So Gerald how can we find you guys? 

GA: Well we use all of the regular social media apps that everyone else does. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest… it’s Okamoto Kitchen, and if you want to just drop us a line and just ask some questions we’d be happy to answer back.

AS: Great thank you so much! 



Contact the Okamoto Kitchen:

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest: @OkamotoKitchen

Episode 6: Lets Eat! With Richeeze Truck

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Richeeze FoodTruckie LA

If you love cheese and homemade comfort food, the Richeeze food truck is a MUST TRY!  The award-winning gourmet cheese melts has melt-in-your-mouth Hawaiian bread, truffle oil and 100% homemade goodness. Check out the video below to see host Nikki D. Lovely chat with Richeeze owner Severin Stone and see why the truck makes fans smile and say Richeeeze!

NL: Hi I am Nikki D and I’m here with Severin Stone of Richeeze food truck here in Westwood..

SS: That’s right!

NL: Alright!! Can you tell us all about how you got started doing this?

SS: Well I think it all started with a love for grilled cheese and I hope you know where I’m coming from. Growing up grilled cheese was always one of my favorite foods and we just saw that there was not enough of it, so we took your traditional grilled cheese and we turned it up!

NL: Okay so how long have you been in business?

SS: We started about a year ago. Did market analysis and just understand the business. We launched the truck roughly six months ago and its been on ever since.

NL: Awesome so business has been good?

SS: Business has been good… we actually won back in August we won the West Coast Bacon Festival People’s Choice Award best bacon dish. I’ll show you guys the trophy later. So we’ve been having accolades on our sandwiches, but you know it’s amazing. We start with homemade bread. We have a little mom and pop bakery that makes bread fresh every morning for us. We make all of our sauces from scratch. We put a lot of love in everything that we do. We don’t cut corners. We make sure that everything has that stamp of approval because you gotta smile and say…

NL: Richeeeeze!!!

SS: Richeeeeze!!!

NL: What would you say is the best dish that you guys serve here on the Richeeze truck?

SS: Wow… the best? They’re all amazing. Okay so I’ll give you two. Our top seller, our award winner, from the West Coast Bacon Festival People’s Choice Award… has probably become our signature dish. That’s the one we call our Bacon Mac. We do that with the homemade bread. They make a sweet Hawaiian bun for us. We do homemade macaroni and cheese in deep apple wood smoked bacon, and the way it comes together… I know a lot of people say, ‘how do you do macaroni and cheese on a sandwich?’ but the way we grill it together and… you’ll have to try it later! We have so many amazing sandwiches… I mean the Lobster Mac is one of my personal favorites. We do that with homemade macaroni and cheese, real lobster, white truffle oil, we grill it on sourdough… again that homemade bread just really takes every sandwich to the next level.

SS: Here on my right we have the award winning Bacon Mac…

NL: Ohh my gosh… it is ooozing!!

SS: All of our bread is homemade… so this is a homemade sweet Hawaiian bun that they make… not your typical brioche bun. It’s very light and airy. We do it with our homemade macaroni and cheese. You see the deep apple wood smoked bacon…

NL: I do…

SS: Oh and it just sends it to the next level!

SS: This is the Lobster Mac. These are the only two sandwiches that we feature macaroni and cheese on… all the rest are gourmet melts. We’re not all mac and cheese… just so you guys are aware!

NL: (Laughs)

SS: Okay so this one is our Lobster Mac. This one we do again with our homemade macaroni and cheese… we do it with real lobster… you see the chunks there… we do a white truffle oil on it that just accents all the flavors. We grill it on the homemade sourdough bread. It just takes it to the next level.

NL: Alright now what is this scrumptious… ticity (laughs).

SS: Alright so we cut into it a little so that you guys can see a little bit of the action there. So these are our Richeeze Mac and Cheese nuggets. What we do is we take our homemade macaroni and cheese, we roll it in egg whites, we make our own bread crust out of the homemade bread that we get. We then bread them, fry them, so that they are crispy on the outside, cheesy and gooey on the inside.

NL: So how do you eat this? Do you just typically pick it up or do you use a fork or what?

SS: Do you have napkins?

NL: Do I have a napkin? I have a napkin… Okay…

NL: Stop it! Stop it! Oh my god… I see why that is an award winner… oh my god…

SS: Okay but you gotta try the Lobster Mac!

NL: Mmmm!! It’s so buttery. It’s like… oh my goodness I can’t even describe it. I just want to eat it… I can’t even tell you how great that is. And that bread is so soft it melts right in your mouth.

SS: That’s what I told you that homemade bread takes every sandwich to the next level!

NL: Last but not least… we have to try… what do we call these?

SS: These are our Mac and Cheese nuggets.

NL: Alright so lets try these. Really?? Is there nothing you guys can’t do great?

NL: Alright so I’m already going to tell you guys that I’ve put my stamp of approval on Richeeze. This is SO great! So great! And you know I do not kid you… woo! And I know my mac and cheese and apparently Richeeze knows their mac and cheese!

SS: It looks like to me she’s smiling and saying, ‘Richeeeeeze!’

NL: (Laughs)

NL: Tell everybody where they can find you!

SS: Yes… you can find us at RicheezeMelts… that’s our handle for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook… Smile and Say Richeeze… you can go to our website which is You can find us there we post on all our sites and all our social media platforms…. you can find exactly where we’re at everyday.




Contact the Richeeze food truck: 

Instagram/Twitter: @RicheezeMelts

Facebook: Smile and Say Richeeze


We’re looking for interns to join our team!

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FoodTruckie LA is a brand new tech startup and entertainment blog focused on LA’s food truck community, and we are looking for creative and resourceful peeps to join our team ASAP! Must love entertainment, food and food trucks! 

This internship is ideal for students interested in gaining hands-on experience in media, communications, marketing, tech startups and related fields. Intern must be reliable, self motivated, driven, and have willingness to perform most work remotely (for the time being, as we are a startup!).

All internship positions are unpaid but school credit is available (and a weekly Starbucks giftcard. This means holiday lattes. We got you!). 

Please submit resume and cover letter to 



Social Media Intern


  • Looking for smart, funny and talented intern to manage and create entertaining and shareable content for our social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram).
  • Respond and maintain engagement across these platforms. 
  • Assist with development and execution of social media marketing campaigns. 


  • Strong knowledge of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Strong voice and unique style. 
  • Knowledge of Facebook Analytics a major plus!
  • Positive, fun and playful disposition with a passion for collaboration. 


Marketing Intern


  • Assist in brainstorming, developing and executing marketing campaigns. 
  • Create marketing materials.
  • Work with other interns if needed in order to execute projects. 


  • Driven, creative intern with a strong passion for strategy and collaboration.
  • Must be willing to think outside the box. 
  • Basic graphic design skills. 
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills. 
  • Positive, fun and playful disposition with a passion for collaboration. 



Publicity Intern


  • Build media lists. 
  • Research online and print publications.
  • Track breaking news announcements.
  • Assist with creating press materials for announcements and events.
  • Assist with development and execution of PR campaigns. 


  • Strong written and verbal communication skills. 
  • Knowledge of Cision and other PR software a plus. 
  • Self-motivating and attention to detail. 
  • Positive, fun and playful disposition with a passion for collaboration. 


If you have any questions, email us at


Escape Obstacle Run: Music, Fitness, FOOD

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We had the awesome opportunity to collaborate with this year’s Escape Obstacle Run and there were picnics, delicious food trucks and great music at this family-friendly event. A perfect Saturday afternoon if you ask us! Especially when you have bomb food trucks like Rice Balls of Fire, The Currywurst Truck, Pho King Awesome, Konestruction, and Wings N Waffles serving up delicious dishes! Check out what it was all about below. Hope to see you there next year!!